Sway Welfare Aid Group

Sway Welfare Aid Group

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Small Fuel Grants Scheme
Application to Sway Welfare Aid Group for a small fuel grant

Please provide the following information to allow SWAG to assess your grant request:

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If you need assistance to complete the form call SWAG on 01590 681500 (Option2).

Important Notes:
Eligibility: Please note that you must be resident in Sway to apply
SWAG’s right to terminate grant scheme: SWAG reserves the right to terminate the scheme at any time and for any reason.
Privacy Notice: Your application will be used solely to enable SWAG to reach a decision on your grant application. Your details will not be disclosed to any other person or agency unless you authorise us to do so. SWAG will delete your application immediately if your application is declined, and after 12 months if your application is approved.